Up to 6.000 per hour



Cameras grab images of the objects to be inspected and send these magnified up to 10 times on the LCD screen. Up to six objects are presented to the operator at once, allowing him to decide quickly whether the liquid is free of particles or not.


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Ampoule Filling and Inspecting
Ampoule Filling Machine

At the first glance


Inspection of ampoules, vials and bottles


Nothing is left unchecked …

No parenteral liquid drug is marketed without a 100% particle inspection. Nothing checks more reliable than a human being. However, semi and fully automated inspection machines with state of the art camera systems are cost-effective, reproducible and can also become subject to systematic validation.


Nothing checks more reliable …

ROTA provides semi-automatic machines for visual inspection at medium batch sizes. Application range covers standard ampoule sizes as well as vials and bottles.