Manually or fully automatic


  ROTA provides both machines for manual handling as well as for fully automated conveying of the tubs. Therein automated systems for debagging, lid and fleece inlay removal are provided. The machine capacities cover a range of up to 22.000 syringes per hour.  

Labelling and assembling



De-nesters and machines for labelling and assembly (plunger rod insertion, assembly of back-stops and Safety Devices) offer the opportunity to our customers to get the full range from one source and from the same manufacturer. You benefit from a unified technology, similar operation and the service of our experts.


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Syringe Filling Machine
Ampoule Filling Machine

Easy and fast like the pre-filled syringes


Processing machines for pre-sterilised syringes


Evolved technology …

The ROTA processing machine for nested and pre-sterilised syringes is a translation and integration of ROTA´s decades of experience as supplier for the pharmaceutical industry. The machine concept is based on careful analysis of customer expectations. The machine program meets the customer needs both for the start-up of syringe production as well as for mass production.


Convincing precision …

The ROTA syringe machines feature the use of the latest servo motor technology and machine components of the latest generation. Serial kinematics robotics (SCARA) and advanced control programming allow the precise execution of each individual processing steps. As customer you will therewith take advantage of an automated, trouble-free processing in combination with high product quality.