Up to 24.000 per hour

  ROTA vial and bottle machines range from one to eight filling stations with one or two closing stations. Whether small or large glass or plastic vials, whether diagnostic tubes or injection vials, whether manual or automatic feeding, you will find the appropriate ROTA model..

Filling volumes from 10 μl to 250 ml


  Whether rotary piston pumps, time-pressure filling system, peristaltic pumps, or singleuse systems: ROTA provides the suitable filling concept for your liquid. And all of this with high reproducibility and accuracy, what may be monitored and documented by means of selectable in-process control.


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Vial Filling and Closing Machine
Ampoule Filling Machine
  Application versatility

Vial filling and closing machines

Reliable and costeffective processing …

Vials and bottles - the most common containers to preserve liquid medicines – regardless whether parenteral or not. Versatile applications call for a variety of vial sizes and closures. All of them must be processed reliably and economically. ROTA provides such solutions for you.


For highest performance …

Variety characterises the ROTA vial filling and closing machines program. From small machinery to high speed applications, ROTA is able to provide a wide spectrum of customised solutions for you.