Application versatility

Filling and closing machines for diagnostic and plastic vials

Most flexible automation

Diagnostic and plastic vials-are characterized by a large number of different vial sizes and closures. All of them must be processed reliably and economically, and format parts must be changed quickly. ROTA provides such solutions for you.

For highest performance

Variety characterises the ROTA vial filling and closing machines program. From small machinery to high speed applications, ROTA is able to provide a wide spectrum of customised solutions for you.

Up to 12.000 per hour

ROTA filling and closing machines for diagnostic and plastic vials are available from one to four filling stations and for up to three closing systems such as stopper/dropper, aluminum cap and screw cap. No matter whether small or large vials made of glass or plastic, whether diagnotic vials or tubes or injection vials, whether manual feeding or automatic feeding, you will find the appropriate ROTA model for every type of object.

Flexibility in the filling system

Whether rotary pistom pumps and/or peristaltic pumps: ROTA offers the suitable filling concept for your liquid, including the possibility of recirculation for suspension products. And this with high reproducibility and precision, which can be monitored and documented at any time by means of 100% in-process control.

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