When high process reliability matters

Integrated lines for ampoules

Process concepts for minimal operating personnel intervention …

The manufacturing of large quantities requires highly automated process concepts. To achieve this goal, machines for the basic processing steps like washing, sterilising, filling and closing are integrated in a production line. The large throughput capacities allow for low manufacturing costs. The reduced operator impact on the objects leads to even improved process quality of the sterile filling.

With engineers and technicians at your hand …

All automated ROTA machines can be linked and integrated into compact processing lines. Even ampoules, vials and bottles can be easily processed on the same system. Large and complex machinery of this type is commonly designed and built to specific customer needs. Already in the design phase an experienced team of engineers and technicians is supporting our customers.

Starting from 3.000 ampoules per hour

The application field is almost unlimited. Be it standard products, serums, antibiotics or freeze-dried products – there is a suitable ROTA line available. Furthermore oRABS, cRABS or isolator technology can of course be implemented.

Already from Ø 9 mm

Our systems are characterised by their compactness and low utility consumption. Your manufacturing also benefits from the high flexibility and the ease of use of our machines. Particularly of interest are our flagship combination lines where ampoules, vials and bottles are processed on the same system. For ampoules, the filling and sealing machine can be linked to our colour ring coding machine.

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