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In addition to its capability in offering complete processing lines for ampoules and vials, ROTA Verpackungstechnik entered in an extended cooperation with Austar to complete its port-folio with freeze drying capability, including automatic loading and unloading systems.


A core equipment for the production of the sterile preparation

Austar introduced the freeze drying technology of the former Germany Leybold, and adopted European standards from design, manufacturing to testing. It is dedicated to providing high-end freeze dryer with intelligent control and stable operation for the customer. ROTA and Austar can provide 0.5~40 m2 freeze dryer from pilot scale to commercial production according to different output requirements of the customer. Additionally, customized freeze-drying system engineering solutions based on the specific process and function requirements of the customer can be provided.


Starting from 1.500 vials per hour

The combination of ROTA and AUSTAR capabilities leads into a versatile range of applications in terms of product, container size and production capacity.
There is certainly a suitable integted filling and freeze drying line available for your needs, being under oRABS, cRABS or isolator technology.

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