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Labelling machines for syringes

So you know what‘s inside

Labels are the signboard of all products. Drugs may be marketed only with properly attached and error-free labels. A particular requirement to labelling therefore is the outstanding focus on product safety and quality. There the labelling machine becomes part of the quality control system.

Focus on safety

ROTA labelling machines for self-adhesive labels meet all requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in an optimal manner. And this with top precision at high speeds. Compact design, precise label handling and state of the art on-board electronic controls are the guarantee for your investment.

Up to 24.000 per hour

A variety of machine models assures an optimal match to the requirements of your production performance. Upright transport of all containers, whether of glass or plastic, guarantees a high precision application of labels. Flexible solutions at in-feed and out-feed of the labeller allow its integration into packaging lines from other manufacturers, as well.

Like a tailor-made suit

ROTA labelling machines are ideal for integration of any kind of control and printing features from various manufacturers. You as customer inform us of your requirements and preferences; we deliver the fully integrated solution as well in hardware as in software.

Labelling and assembling

Machines for labelling and assembly (plunger rod insertion and assembly of back-stops) are also part our our port-folio. You benefit from a unified technology, user-friendly operation and the service of our experts.

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