Flexibility made simple

Filling and closing machine for small batches

Batch size as of a single object

xfillR is the perfect solution for use in CRDMOs and manufacturing for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.

xfillR is also the ideal system for processing small batches in the biotech industry.

Universal machine

xfillR is the first and so far, only multipurpose machine that combines the filling and closing of very different objects such as vials, syringes, ophthalmic bottles, nasal sprays, cartridges, diagnostic micro-tubes in nests, trays and bulk – all in one.

To close these objects, xfillR also handles a wide variety of closures, such as stoppers, plungers, droppers, aluminum caps, screw caps, snap-on closures, RayDyLyo® etc.

Unique transportation system

xfillR and its precise individual transport of each object guarantees a gentle movement without glass/glass or glass/metal contact, thus avoiding scratches and particle emissions.

All in one

xfillR is a very compact machine that

  • can process all common cylindrical pharma containers, whether Ready-To-Use in nests or trays, whether stable or not,
  • processes a complete batch or a single object,
  • fills with rotary piston pump and/or peristaltic pump,
  • controls the filling by means of load cells, either 100% or statistical,
  • inserts stoppers, plungers or droppers,
  • closes vials with crimp caps and even snap-on closures.
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+ Unique and only multipurpose machine on the market

+ High flexibility – all in one solution

+ Small batch sizes from 1 to 10.000

+ Modular design, expandable at any time

+ High versatility of containers

+ High versatility of closures

+ Very compact design

+ Reduced change-over time – no more than 10 min

+ Ease of operation

+ High degree of automation thanks to full servo-drive concept

+ Suitable for RABS & Isolator – From aseptic to high potent applications

+ Debagging station for nested objects

+ Debagging station with inverting device for vials in trays.

+ 100% or statistical weigh-check

+ „Zero-Reject“ – system

+ Peristaltic pump filling

+ Recirculation system for suspensions

+ RTP Alpha-port for closures and/or material

+ cRABS or Isolator

+ Particle monitoring

+ Qualification documents

+ Electronic batch protocol

+ 21CFR Part 11 conformity

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