Pharma conform cleaning

Washing of ampoules and vials

Efficient and gentle washing

In parenteral packaging, open containers have to be washed before they can be sterilised. Already at this first stage, quality in washer design and construction pays off. Issues in the washing process will downstream process steps. ROTA washing machines are suited best for an effi cient and gentle washing of ampoules and vials.

Combined use of ampoules and vials can be easily achieved with one and the same Rota washing machine. Simply exchange ampoule pincers and ampoule format parts with the ones for vials within a few minutes.
This saves investments for buildings, machines, personnel and equipment.

High security standard

The transportation of the containers by means of precision pincers and latest servomotor technique guarantees a high security standard with respect to glass breakage and cross-contamination. The design of the machine provides not only the capability to process a wide range of object sizes at high speed, but also the possibility of an ultrasonic pre-washing bath as well as custom-made versions.

From 9 mm to 68 mm container diameter

Thanks to simple changeover of size parts and user-friendly recipe management, ROTA washing machines highlight shortest hangeover times assuring highest productivity for our customers.

Up to 24.000 per hour

A comprehensive variety of models guarantees an optimal adaption to the capacity range as needed.

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