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Pioneer in Fill-Finish solutions

ROTA Verpackungstechnik is a renowned manufacturer of machines and systems for the aseptic primary packaging of parenteral drugs for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

For more than 100 years, ROTA Verpackungstechnik has concentrated all its efforts on quality and technological excellence, so that our machines are always equipped with the latest technologies.

What started with a simple ampoule filling and sealing machine has developed into a comprehensive range of machines with state-of-the-art integrated technologies for washing, sterilising and depyrogenating, filling and sealing as well as labelling of ampoules, vials of different types and materials, and nested objects.

In addition to the own design and construction of our machines, our deep machining capability allows us to offer our customers the necessary flexibility and the best qualitative conditions for tailor-made and reliable solutions.

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